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Pikmi Pops Doughmis commercial

Get your sprinkles ready because Pikmi Pops have just got a 'hole' lot sweeter with new, freshly baked DoughMis! 

These super cute donut plushies smell so delicious with scents like Cinnamon, Chocolate Glaze and Strawberry Jelly - mmm, yummy!

Each DoughMis Pack comes with a scented donut plush hidden inside a collectable donut case, plus a surprise and 1 collector's guide.

There are over 40 sweet scented DoughMis to collect. Look out for the Squish 'n' Rise DoughMis - they feel soft and squishy, just like dough!

Come back for more! There's always a cute new surprise in store from the sweet world of Pikmi Pops!