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    Exogini cartoon characters

    Exoginis are small alien figures who gain their powers from the stars.

    Crashing here on earth by mistake, they are persuaded by their boss that they did come here with a purpose;

    And that is.....To conquer the earth!

    They are powerful!

    They are brave!

    Well they are 6cm tall and have no idea of our world....

    Collect all 23 Exoginis the small alien figures from outer space with a light-up function. They gain their powers from the stars and magically light-up in the dark and switch off in the light! Look out for their Ufoginis - special UFO'S that activate the aliens light up function. There are 6 different Ufoginis to collect. Each Ufogini comes with one exclusive alien light-up figure. The UFO's are also compatible with the Exogini Exoship!