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Shaker Maker - Peppa Pig

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About the Product

Shake it, make it, paint it! Shaker Maker Peppa Pig is the ultimate creative sculpture kit to make and paint amazing detailed statuettes of your favourite Peppa Pig characters: Peppa and George. Providing endless hours of sculpting fun!


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Features & Benefits

  • Ultimate creative sculpture kit.
  • Make and paint amazing detailed statuettes of your favourite Peppa Pig characters!
  • Includes display stands to display your product.
  • Provides endless hours of sculpting fun!
  • Reusable moulds when you purchase more Shaker Maker powder.

Shake it, make it, paint it! Shaker Maker is the ultimate creative sculpture kit to make and paint amazing detailed statuettes of children's most loved characters. The Shaker Maker Peppa Pig creates two beautiful Peppa Pig characters: Peppa and George to make and display proudly! Simply fill the Shaker Maker cup with warm water to the line indicated, place your character mould inside the unit and pour in the Shaker Maker powder, seal the lid tightly and shake! Leave to stand until dry. Next, carefully remove the moulds and paint your creation with the paint brush and set of paints provided.  

Suitable for ages 5 and above.

Contents: 1 Shaker Maker cup, 1 Shaker Maker lid, 2  character moulds, 2 display stands, 1 paint brush, 1 set of paints, 2 Shaker Maker powders, instructions.

WARNING. For children over 5 years of age only. For use under adult supervision. Read the instructions before use. Follow them and keep them for reference. During all creative activities we recommend that children wear overalls and/or old clothes and that you cover furnishings and fittings.

In case of eye contact: Wash out eye with plenty of water, holding eye open. Seek immediate medical advice.
If swallowed: Wash out mouth with water, drink some fresh water. DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Seek immediate medical advice.
In case of inhalation: Remove person to fresh air.
In case of doubt seek medical advice without delay. Take the chemical and/or product together with the container with you.
In case of injury always seek medical advice.

Advice for adult supervision:
This chemical toy is for use only for children over the age of 5 years.
Read and follow these instructions, the safety rules and the first aid information and keep them for reference.
Incorrect use of chemicals can cause injury and damage to health. Only carry out those activities which are listed in the instructions.
Because children's abilities vary so much, even within age groups, supervising adults should exercise discretion as to which activities are suitable and safe for them. The instructions should enable supervisors to assess any activity to establish its suitability for a particular child.
The supervising adult should discuss the warnings, safety information and the possible hazards with the child or children before starting the activities.
The area surrounding the activity should be kept clear of any obstructions and away from the storage of food. It should be well lit and ventilated and close to a water supply. A solid table with a heat resistant top should be provided.
The working area should be cleaned immediately after carrying out the activity.

Safety Rules:
Keep younger children under the specified age limit and animals away from the activity area.
Store chemical toys out of reach of young children.
Wash hands after carrying out activities.
Clean all equipment after use.
Do not use any equipment which has not been supplied with the set or recommended in the instructions for use.
Do not eat, drink or smoke in the activity area.
Do not place the material in the mouth.
Do not inhale dust or powder.
Do not apply to the body.
Do not apply to articles intended to come into contact with food and drink.
Keep away from food and drink.

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