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Shopkins Happy Places Bearry Fun Convertible Playset

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About the Product

The lil' shoppie doll, Pippa Melon, loves taking a spin in her Bearry fun convertible car to find a happy place to set out her cute picnic Petkins in Happyville!  The bonnet and boot open and provide the perfect storage for her 9 petkins.


Shopkins Happy Places Logo

Features & Benefits

Happy Places is a miniature range of super cute Petkins furniture and accessories who live with Lil' Shoppies in Happyville! You'll find everything you need to create your own Happy Place!

It's time to take a drive with Pippa Melon to help her find a happy place to set out her cute picnic Petkins in Happyville! So jump in and come for a spin in the Bearry Fun Convertible. It's going to be one sweet ride!

Happiness is sharing a slice of the good life with her Picnic Petkins and her Bearry Fun Convertible. Pippa Melon loves to take a spin and feel the wind in her hair! She's always sewing the seeds for another road trip! Life is a highway and she's ready to follow the sun for some summer fun! She comes with the cutest Petkins to set up a delicious picnic! So what are you waiting for? Pack the car and let's roll!

The Bearry Fun Convertible Playset is the perfect way for your Lil' Shoppies to travel. The car has a happy face, moving wheels and can fit 4 Lil' Shoppies dolls inside. This playset comes with an exclusive Watermelon Lil' Shoppie and exclusive Picnic Themed Petkins! The car has opening doors and a trunk to pack your Petkins into!

Contents: 1 Convertible Car Playset, 1 Lil' Shoppie, 1 Doll Stand, 2 Medium Petkins, 3 Small Petkins & 4 Mini Petkins.

Suitable for ages 5+

Colours and styles may vary from those shown on the packaging. 
Please remove all packaging attachments, and any other components which are not a part of the toy, before giving this product to a child. Read and keep for future reference.