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Shopkins Happy Places Doll Single Pack Assortment

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About the Product

A Happy Place is filled with friends! Includes 1 Lil' Shoppie and 2 Exclusive Petkins. 6 dolls to collect: Spaghetti Sue, Rainbow Kate, Kirstea, Sara Sushi, Melodine and Lippy Lulu. 


Shopkins Happy Places Logo

Features & Benefits

  • Cute brightly coloured Lil' Shoppies dolls.
  • Includes 2 exclusive Petkins.
  • Dolls are themed around home and beauty.
  • Includes Catalogue of full collection.
  • Collect them all!

The Shoppies have shopped 'til they dropped in Shopville and now they are heading home to Happyville!

Happy Places is a miniature range of super cute Petkins furniture and accessories who live with Lil' Shoppies in Happyville! You'll find everything you need to create your own Happy Place!

Buy your Happy Home playset and fill it with Petkins furniture to make the perfect home for your Lil' Shoppies!

A Happy Place is filled with friends! Includes 1 Lil' Shoppie and 2 Exclusive Petkins. 6 themed dolls and Petkins to collect: Spaghetti Sue who is themed around Spaghetty with her Spoon and Pot Petkins, Rainbow Kate who has a cake theme with her Mixer and Mixing Bowl Petkins, Kirstea who has a tea theme with her Saucer and Cookie Petkins, Sara Sushi who is themed around Sushi with her Bento Box and Chopsticks Petkins, Melodine who is themed around music with her Keyboard and Music Book Petkins and Lippy Lulu who has a makeup theme with her Powder and Brush Petkins. 

Contents: 1 Lil' Shoppie & 2 Exclusive Petkins.

Colours and styles may vary from those shown on the packaging.

Please remove all packaging attachments, and any other components which are not a part of the toy, before giving this product to a child. Read and keep for future reference. 
WARNING. Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts which can be ingested and/or inhaled. Choking hazard.